Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun with Fabrics

ohhh Tuesdays.... why do I loathe you so! I guess because Tuesdays are my Mondays and the first day of my work week! But I had 2 very productive days off this week and I'm looking forward to a few extra days off next week with my brother in town visiting! Woo Hoo!! But until then I'm going to try and brighten up the day by bringing you a card I made using an amazing Tiddly Inks image for their weekly challenge

This weeks Tiddly Theme is: Fabric Fun - use any kind of fabric on your card - 

Here my card using: Wryn - Spring Bling

I made this card using a very different color combination from what I usually choose. My ultimately I knew that orange and blue are complimentary colors on the color wheel so I went with it! It's always nice to venture out and try new things when crafting =)

 I appreciate you taking a peek and I look forward to seeing all of this weeks challenge cards!!



Elaine said...

This is beautiful Kindra I Love it

mforquer said...

Kindra this is so lovely! Gorgeous flowers and the colors are truly phenomenal!!

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Maalai said...

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Mary J said...

So very pretty Kindra!

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